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Constantly growing list of books and articles that inspire me and that I collect along this olfactory journey. It is often difficult to access quality information on perfumery and the sense of smell, so some books are ready to download in pdf, other links direct you to where you can buy them. Let's read and smell each other more!



Aroma: The Cultural History Of Smell; Constance Classen, David Howes, Anthony Synnott (PDF)

The Chemistry of Fragrances: From Perfumer to Consumer; Charles Sell (PDF)

De olfato. Aproximaciones a los olores en la historia de México; Élody Dupey García, Guadalupe Pinzón Ríos

Filosofía del olfato; Chantal Jacquet

El Perfume o El Miasma. El olfato y lo imaginario social, Siglos XVIII y XIX; Alain Corbin

The Smell Report- An Overview of Facts and Findings; Kate Fox (PDF)

Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin; Arcander (PDF)

The Diary of a Nose; Jean-Claude Ellena

Creating an original perfume - E. Roudnitska (PDF)

The Woody Notes of Fragrance; Glen O Brechbill

Herbolaria oaxaqueña para la salud; Ángela Méndez Hernández (PDF)

La cultura de los olores. Una aproximación a la antropología de los sentidos; ​Larrea Killinger Cristina (PDF)

Fragrance and Wellbeing: Plant Aromatics and Their Influence on the Psyche; Jennifer Peace Rhind

Nose Dive- Catherine Haley Epstein

Nose Dive- Harold McGee


The Science of Sex and Smell- A brief overview of olfactophilia; Phsycology Today

Copal de Bursera bipinnata. Una resina mesoamericana de uso ritual; Aurora Montúfar López

Perfumery Material: Cassie & Mimosa & Differences with Cassia & Cassis; Perfume Shrine

Chypre series 1: the origins; Perfume Shrine

Designing with Smell: Practices, Techniques and Challenges; Henshaw Victoria, McLean Kate, Medway Dominic, Perkins Chris, Warnaby Gary 

Musical Scents: On the Surprising Absence of Scented Musical/Auditory Events, Entertainments, and Experiences (PDF)

POETRY AND LITERATURE (that you can almost smell)


I Remember Nightfall; Marosa di Giorgio

Mortal y rosa; Francisco Umbral

Quieres hacer el favor de callarte, por favor; Raymond Carver

El spleen de Paris; Charles Baudelaire


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