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Enjoy a personalized experience with Lula Curioca to create a unique fragrance for yourself. During this 1:1 session in our lab-atelier you will discover what your olfactory tastes are, the memories you have associated with them and what sensation you would like to evoke with your personalized fragrance. With Lula's guide, and starting from a selection of exclusive unusual accords from the house (our Archive of Olfactory Glimpses), all your sensory information will be transformed into a perfume that will emanate what you want to transmit. The final formula will be archived with your name so that you can order your perfume again as many times as you want in the future.


At the end of the session we will give you a 50ml bottle of Eau de Parfum of your fragrance in a bottle hand-engraved by Lula with your initials, in a wooden case specially designed to keep your perfume in optimal conditions. Plus a 10ml pocket version so you can take it wherever you go.


Duration of the session: 2-3 hrs 

Where: In our lab-atelier in Mexico City, Condesa.

$15'000 MXN

Special launching price:

$11'000 MXN

You can purchase additional perfumes of your personalized formula for an extra cost of $4,000 MXN (50ml) and $900 MXN (10ml).

Custom perfume refill orders, like all of our products, are carefully mixed by hand, so it may take up to three weeks for it to be ready once the order is confirmed. Shipping not included.

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