The design of an olfactory identity or odotype involves a detailed analysis of your brand followed by the creation of a scent which condenses both the values ​​and the psychological/emotional perception that you want to establish with your users. Essentially, the odotype is an immensely powerful speaker that communicates directly with the unconscious of your clients, thus establishing an experience that appeals to the senses.


With hundreds of raw materials available in the laboratory, the goal is to develop a completely made-to-measure fragrance that is kept under an exclusive contract for the sole use of your brand. Once the signature fragrance is designed, it is adapted for use in ambient diffusers through HVAC, high-impact standalone atomizers, luxury amenities or special olfactory project that your brand might require.



The process begins with a preliminary consultation where we will discuss the characteristics of the desired scent, review the inspiration, the objectives, the available budget and confirm the desired delivery date. Later, we schedule an olfactory tasting, ideally in my studio located in Mexico City. From there, I begin the design and formulation of three olfactory proposals for review and editing that are then converted into a final representation for approval. I request a minimum of 10 weeks to complete the bespoke fragrance.


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The first virtual consultancy is free and lasts 40 minutes. Subsequently a non-refundable deposit is required. This deposit must be paid in advance and will be credited towards the total of the final piece.