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Scented hand oil

Scented hand oil

Moisturizing oil with a high concentration of fragrance, a light texture and easy absorption to leave your hands silky and perfumed. Apply to the skin whenever you need the warm touch of your mother.


- Scent: Manos de madre

- Notes: White musk, orchid, sandalwood, rose, colostrum and vanilla


Life begins with a mother’s scent. Life opens up into the milky scent of maternal heat, into the steady, delicate touch of her fingers, and between her lap and her hands: life contained in a pristine cup of devotion. Mother’s hands can heal a wound, or at least soothe it. Mother’s hands sustain life, and this universal support is ever-present, physical, becoming strength and claw. Mother’s hands turned axe, fan, bowl, trampoline. All at once, all in their time. Mother’s hands turn the world on its axis: a powerful force rocks us to sleep and pushes us forward. The world rests: mother’s hands never stop nourishing us.




Each of our fragrances is designed and formulated, molecule by molecule, by Lula Curioca, which allows a unique expression in the olfactory experience, in addition to a selection of the highest quality materials.

Our hand oil was formulated with a high concentration of fragrance so that your hands become a new vehicle for carrying perfume: every time you gesture or caress someone your fragrance will reach them in a wave. Imagine it as a hybrid between a perfume and a hand cream, because in addition to perfuming you, it will leave your hands soft, hydrated and without an oily texture, since the oil is absorbed in seconds.

Bran rice oil-

Our hand oil is formulated with a high percentage of rice oil, which is not only absorbed by the outer layers of the epidermis, preventing dehydration, but also by the inner layers of the epidermis, helping to maintain elasticity, and even favoring the production of collagen.

Vitamin E-

Vitamin E has antioxidant properties, which helps slow the deterioration of skin cells and promote skin elasticity. Another of its properties is that it is both a 'moisturizer' and an 'emollient', so it helps the skin absorb water and also retains it in the skin.

Content: 10ml

Designed and made by hand in Mexico

Each piece is meticulously wrapped by hand and includes:

  • Paper wrapper
  • Single cloth bag
  • Explanatory brochure
  • Envelope and card for congratulatory message