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Scented notebook pocket size | BRINDIS ETERNO

Scented notebook pocket size | BRINDIS ETERNO

The simple act of opening your notebook will be a pleasure in itself. A gentle wave of fragrance will waft upward as you leaf through the pages, and inspiration will flow. Putting your thoughts, notes or drawings on paper will become a new and comforting experience. You’ll see—or, better yet, you’ll smell. Let your nose guide your pen.





The feeling of a conversation that lasts all night. Worlds that grow, expand, and fullness that opens in the chest between the clink of glasses. What would life be without shared joy, without the ideas that are born from a spark in a night absent of time.


Materials: Hard cover, paper, ribbon, elastic band, fragrance

Size: 9.7 cm x 15 cm

Color: Burgundy

Duration: 48 months


Fragrance and object designed and made by hand in Mexico

Each piece is meticulously wrapped by hand and includes:

  • Paper wrapper
  • Single cloth bag
  • Explanatory brochure
  • Envelope and card for congratulatory message