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Scented notebook pocket size | BRUMA

Scented notebook pocket size | BRUMA



The feeling of walking in a foggy sunset. You enter the whiteness and the soft wetness of the mist reaches you like the serene smell of open space. You inhale while closing your eyes. A calm of clouds caresses your body.




The simple act of opening your notebook will be a pleasure in itself. A gentle wave of fragrance will waft upward as you leaf through the pages, and inspiration will flow. Putting your thoughts, notes or drawings on paper will become a new and comforting experience. You’ll see—or, better yet, you’ll smell. Let your nose guide your pen.


Materials: Hard cover, paper, ribbon, elastic band, fragrance

Size: 9.7 cm x 15 cm

Color: Cloud gray

Duración de la fragancia en el objeto: 48 months


Fragrance and object designed and made by hand in Mexico

Each piece is meticulously wrapped by hand and includes:

  • Paper wrapper
  • Single cloth bag
  • Explanatory brochure
  • Envelope and card for congratulatory message